The Charity, today

Nowadays, it is a family tradition that the status of Brother of the Charity is inherited from parents to children. The Brotherhood is maintained and lives on fees paid by its brothers as well as through private donations and institutions. Nevertheless, no public allowances, either from city or region. The management of the hospital is run by professionals. In fact, a very trained group of nurses and paramedics are working there.

The brothers’ duty

When a new brother is accepted in the Brotherhood, he receives training about his main functions and tasks of assistance to the people sheltered by the Holy Charity. Among these duties, we can include to accompany them on their walks or medical appointments. It should not be forgotten that many of the people living in the holy house have been abandoned by their own families. Others are in the last stage of his life. Although all the brothers must give daily assistance throughout the year to people who live in our home, they have a special obligation during the month in which they are "on duty". They choose their month voluntarily and during it they supervise the assignments in the house, also helping in the dining room and accompanying the residents in all kinds of outing, either necessary errands due to medical prescription or just for a walk or a trip. At the moment all bedrooms are single and have a bathroom. A large dining room where all meals are served can also be found. Besides, there is a large living room with space for table games (dominoes, chess, cards, and so on), meeting places and television; these activities are carried out by the residents along with brothers and volunteers.

“El Economato” Miguel Mañara, a food service for thousands of people

Not only the Holy Charity looks after the residents living in the Holy House. Also following the tradition of food-serving delivery, an important “Economato” is currently serving food to around 350 families. Today we are helping 350 families per month approximately, which is equivalent to 2,000 people each month. Families receive certain number of food stamps that they exchange for the food packcages. To be able to do that, we have the support and collaboration of some convents of the “Hermanas de la Cruz” and from 80 offices of “Caritas Diocesana” in the province of Seville. Also the Red Cross and the Food Bank are an important help for food distribution. We also offer a loan service under an agreement with those institutions and all that with the help from the brothers of the Charity and with other entities which the Brotherhood tries to involve in order to accomplish its mission. Every week about 50 or 60 families are being served and needy families are attended during a minimum period of one year. Obviously they must prove their necessity and indigence to be admitted. The food packages include a variety of 25 to 30 first-need products which must not be perishable.

Stories on The Charity

The Holy Charity means history, culture, art ... but mostly life. Actual human experiences, stories of people who through the centuries have faced problems and have been able to evolve in order to adapt themselves to the circumstances of each moment. Stories of brothers, the most exemplary and well-known one is the Founder Miguel Mañara’s story, which gave to the Brotherhood that powerful impulse that, even today, remains being the real engine of the brothers’ task. However, these stories are also the stories of the people who have found their home in the Charity. It is not by chance that the hosted people call “Our Home” to the Holy Charity: a home where the residents live like a family, where they are welcomed and are well served and where they find friendship and love. This also applies to the brothers who, in their eagerness to serve, receive much more than they give in the spirit of the Gospels, so perfectly embodied by the Venerable Miguel Mañara.